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Automotive industry air extraction

  • ​​The most demanding welding shop air extraction technology
  • ​​Smoke extraction at robotic workplaces
  • ​​Grinding sites extraction
  • ​​Continuous exhaust power
  • ​​Recommended device CARM GH

​​Automotive welding air extraction

​​We specialize in extracting air in welding sites in automotive industry. These applications are specific for continuous operation, robotic workplace air extraction and spot-welding sites. The extraction system must be reliable, and its outages are unacceptable for the continuity of the production processes.

​​Automotive filtration devices

​​For automotive applications, we use our CARM GH filtration devices. The specific filtration device type – its size, filter area or filter medium layout is always designed for each application separately. We are aware the filtration device will be under almost constant workload with minimum work breaks. Filtration devices for automotive industry are automatically controlled from production lines to the individual machines. The filters automatically turn on and off, depending on the production program. We strive for minimum human factor for operation of our filtration devices.

​​Smoke extraction at robotic workplaces

​​Welding robots don’t sleep or get sick, so fully automated welding shops operate without breaks. That is why the extraction system is constantly exposed to heavy loads of extracted air without a break for filter medium regeneration. Robotic workplaces are equipped with exhaust hoods, or alternatively we extract whole robotic sites. Each welding workplace is equipped with automatic flaps to ensure extraction during operation only. Each workplace is connected via central air duct into a central filtration system. Filtered air is returned to the workplace, or alternatively used for heat exchange.

​​Spatial air extraction

​​Spatial welding shops air extraction is usually applied in places with big sized weldments. Welding smoke is extracted under the ceiling via extraction duct system. In most cases, the exhaust ducts are located above cranes and don’t limit their workspace. Spatial air extraction provides welding site air filtration and circulation.

​​Local air extraction

​​Local air extraction is provided through working tables and small workspace air extraction systems. We design and provide our solutions for extracting smoke directly at its source via adjustable extraction arms and suspended or vertical exhaust hoods. Local smoke extraction prevents harmful smoke from spreading into the workplace and protects workers’ health.

​​Filtered air circulation

​​For our applications, we use CARM GH filtration device with automatic filter medium regeneration using compressed air counterflow. For filtration devices in welding shops, we guarantee residual dust particle drift under 0,25 mg/m3. Filtered air can be returned to the workplace, which can save on heating costs.

​​Smart exhaust power controls

​​For the automotive industry, we predominately deliver extraction systems with smart controls. Filtration device with frequency converter, automatic flaps, controller and sensors regulates exhaust power in relation to the production technology operation. The filtration system starts and shuts down automatically. Installing smart controls saves client energy costs and increases the reliability of the device and longer lifetime of individual components.

​​Filter medium replacement cost

​​We design and deliver our solutions for our clients with minimum filtration device maintenance cost in mind. Our devices are equipped with smooth filtration sleeves made of microporous filtration fabric. Filtration sleeves won’t have dust deposits, don’t tear and have high mechanical resistance. For welding shops applications, we guarantee filter medium service life of at least 20 000 hours.

​​Why work with us

​​We design and install all solutions ourselves and with our own products. We are 100 % liable for our finished solutions. We strive for high-quality, energy-saving air extraction solutions. We focus on low operating costs and long operating life of filter medium.
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