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Building materials production

Dust extraction in construction products production

  • Ceramic dust extraction
  • Production lines dust extraction
  • Abrasive-dust-resistant technology
  • Recommended device: CARM GH

High-quality dust extraction in construction production

Processing stone in quarries and producing construction products such as tiles, bricks, rooftiles etc. produces so-called stone dust and ceramic dust. Ceramic dust is highly abrasive, very fine, dry and non-adhesive.

Construction products dust extraction system

Central dust extraction systems are used in complete production lines as well as in single-purpose machines. An example of single-purpose machine dust extraction is precision brick grinder. It is necessary to use high-power dust extraction from the grinder to the filter. Not only fine dust, but also brick fragments are extracted.
Construction products production dust extraction reduces the amounts of dust in the workplace and prevents the dust from spreading in the form of fugitive emissions into the surrounding environment. We recommend CARM GH filtration device.

Construction products production central dust extraction

At the base of the central dust extraction system design is mapping individual sources of dust. For each dust source, we set required exhaust power and design required extraction device shape. Individual sources of dust are connected via extraction devices into a central filtration device. Since ceramic dust is highly abrasive, we install class III thick-walled welded pipes for its extraction. The filtration device is equipped with automatic filter regeneration using compressed air counterflow, which to ensure continuous exhaust power distribution. Separated dust from the filtration device is then conveyed with a rotary feeder into a big-bag or container. Filtered air can be returned to the workplace, which can save heating costs during winter.

Filter medium replacement cost

We design and deliver our solutions for our clients with minimum filtration device maintenance cost in mind. Our devices are equipped with smooth filtration sleeves made of microporous filtration fabric. Filtration sleeves won’t have dust deposits, don’t tear and have high mechanical resistance. For welding shops applications, we guarantee filter medium service life of at least 20 000 hours.

Why work with us

We design and install all solutions ourselves and with our own products. We are 100 % liable for our finished solutions. We strive for high-quality, energy-saving air extraction solutions. We focus on low operating costs and long operating life of filter medium.

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