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Central vacuum systems

Industrial central vacuum system

  • Central pipe system with connection points
  • Designed for workplace cleaning
  • Powered by Roots-type supercharger
  • Recommended product: CARM GH

High-quality central vacuum system

Central vacuum systems are used in industrial facilities with strict conditions regarding workplace cleanliness Central vacuum system enables fast and dust-free cleaning of workspace, production sheds and conveyors as well. In power stations and heating plants, central vacuum systems are used for regular coal dust cleaning to prevent explosion hazard.

Central vacuum system technology

Central vacuum system consists of filtration unit and a high-power negative pressure turbine or a Roots-type supercharger. Central air duct system is connected to the negative pressure turbine. The central air duct system is equipped with connection points for connecting a hose with a nozzle. It is not uncommon for the air ducts to be more than several hundred meters long. Exhaust power is designed for each individual central vacuum system separately. It depends on the air duct length, the number of connection points, granulometry of the extracted material and other factors. We use frequency converter for regulating the largest central vacuum systems. The frequency converter regulates the revolutions inside the Root-type supercharger, which maintains required negative pressure in the air ducts. The vacuum system responds to the changing number of actively connected hoses and provides continuous negative pressure in the connection points. Each connection point has a switch installed, which activates the central vacuum system when a hose is connected to the connection point.

Explosive dust central vacuum systems

Central vacuum systems are equipped for explosive dust manipulation. When designing explosive dust solutions, we adhere to the following rules: Extraction ducts are properly electrically connected between individual components from the connection point to the CARM GH filtration device. The whole system is properly grounded. The system is equipped with relief membranes, which face to a safe area. The filter casing is pressure-resistant and the filter medium is antistatic. The extraction ducts are equipped with return flaps to prevent shockwaves from spreading further into the duct system and the exhaust velocity is always kept above 20 m/s.

Smart central vacuum system controls

Central vacuum systems are in most cases regulated with a frequency converter, depending on the negative pressure in the air ducts. This regulation ensures stable negative pressure in air ducts, even with changing number of connected hoses. We do not equip flaps with sensors, because our experience has proven this solution ineffective. There are switches for activating the central vacuum system on each floor of the workspace. The vacuum cleaner turns itself off after a set time.

Filter medium replacement cost

We design and deliver our solutions for our clients with minimum filtration device maintenance cost in mind. Our devices are equipped with smooth filtration sleeves made of microporous filtration fabric. Filtration sleeves won’t have dust deposits, don’t tear and have high mechanical resistance. For central dust extraction applications, we guarantee filter medium service life of at least 3 years of use.

Why work with us

We design and install all solutions ourselves and with our own products. We are 100 % liable for our finished solutions. We strive for high-quality, energy-saving air extraction solutions. We focus on low operating costs and long operating life of filter medium.

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