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Grinding dust extraction

  • Air extraction of stationary grinders with direct attachment to the machine’s neck
  • Air extraction using vertical wall-mounted exhaust hoods
  • Bottom air extraction through floor
  • Recommended device – CARM GH filter

High quality grinding shops air extraction

Dust particles released into the workspace by grinding are a health hazard. They contain fatty oils, metal particles and abrasive particles. We design and implement air extraction using CARM GH filtration device to catch the dust close to its source, while restricting its spreading into the surrounding workspace.

Stationary grinder extraction

One-wheel grinders, two-wheel grinders, horizontal grinders etc. are all equipped with a socket for the central air extraction system. We deliver our central extraction systems with welded, thick-walled materials for enduring the highly abrasive dust. In most cases, we connect each grinder with pipes, which all lead to a central air extraction and filtration system.

Spatial grinding shop air extraction

We apply vertical suspended exhaust hoods mounted on walls for spatial grinding shop air extraction. The placement of the exhaust hoods creates separate workspaces inside the grinding area. The exhaust hoods are designed to limit dust particles rebounding from the front side of the exhaust hood to a minimum. Each exhaust hood is connected with air ducts to the central air extraction and filtration device. The filtered air is then returned to the grinding shop workspace.

Bottom air extraction through floor

Bottom air extraction is applied in grinding shops, where local workspaces are not possible. This often includes grinding shops that work with big, heavy or complex-shaped materials. Air is extracted through floor grates. From there, the dust-laden air is conveyed into the central extraction and filtration unit. The filtered air is returned into the workspace at the ceiling or at the sides of the workspace.

Filtered air circulation

For our applications, we use CARM GH filtration devices with automatic filter medium regeneration using compressed air counterflow. For grinding shops applications, we guarantee residual rift of dust particles under 1 mg/m3. Filtered air can be returned to the workplace, which can save on heating costs.

Smart exhaust power control

Our air extraction systems with smart exhaust power controls are increasingly in high demand. Filtration device with frequency converter, automatic flaps, regulator and sensors controls the exhaust power in individual workplaces. The sensors control both electric and pneumatic grinders. The filtration system starts and shuts down automatically. Using smart controls helps to cut down electricity costs for our clients.

Filter medium replacement cost

We design and deliver our solutions for our clients with minimum filtration device maintenance cost in mind. Our devices are equipped with smooth filtration sleeves made of microporous filtration fabric. Filtration sleeves won’t create deposits, don’t tear and have high mechanical resistance. For grinding shops applications, we guarantee filter medium service life of at least 20 000 hours.

Why work with us

We design and install all solutions ourselves and with our own products. We are 100 % liable for our finished solutions. We strive for high-quality, energy-saving air extraction solutions. We focus on low operating costs and long operating life of filter medium.