CARM V filter

  • Mainly for dust extraction at silos and belt conveyors
  • Exhaust power from 1 000 m3/h to 30 000 m3/h
  • Bag filter elements
  • Automatic filter medium regeneration
  • Minimum filter medium service life 20 000 hours
  • Filtration efficiency 99.99 % and higher
  • Explosive dust extraction

CARM V filter

CARM V is a stationary filtration device with automatic filter medium regeneration using compressed air counter-flow. Bag filter CARM V is not equipped with a dust discharge. The filtration device is usually attached to the technological equipment it is supposed to extract dust from. The dust is returned to the production process. The most common application of CARM V filter is extracting dust at silos in the process of pneumatic-transport filling, in the process of bulk-conveyor filling and for extracting dust at belt conveyors, all of which predominantly in the food industry.

CARM V filter

Filter medium

CARM V filtration device is equipped with smooth filter bags made of microporous nonwoven fabric. The absence of dust deposits is a big advantage of smooth filter hoses.

Filter medium service life

We design our CARM V units with guaranteed filter medium service life of 20 000 hours without the need for manual cleaning.

The most common applications

CARM V filter is made for air extraction in the process of filling silos. The filter is attached to the silo’s ceiling. Dust captured by the filter falls directly to the silo. The second most common application is belt conveyor transfer point dust extraction. The filter is attached directly to the transfer. CARM V bag filter keeps the belt conveyor transfer points under negative pressure, which prevents dust from escaping into the surrounding environment. The extracted dust is returned to the conveyor.

CARM V power series

CARM V filters are designed in modular series, which enables them to produce exhaust power from 1 000 m3/h up to 30 000 m3/h. The exhaust power is determined by the specific application. Filter size is determined by the size of the silos, power of the pneumatic transport or the size and speed of the belt conveyors. The filter’s exhaust power is provided by a radial extraction fan placed on the clean side of the filter.

Dust collection

CARM V filter is not equipped with a dust discharge. The filtration device always returns extracted dust to where it came from.

Explosive dust extraction

CARM V filter is always equipped with explosive dust extraction measures. It is not equipped with a reliever for excess pressure generated by an explosion. The filter has antistatic filter medium and pressure-resistant filter casing. The filter does not secure the surrounding environment from shockwaves generated by an explosion.

CARM V pocket filter design

We need to know the specific application, extracted air volume and other parameters such as spatial layout options, noise requirements etc. for designing your solution. CARM V bag filter is most commonly used in the food industry.

We will gladly help with your design – contact us.