CUMA D-ST filter

  • Mainly for wood and paper dust extraction (woodworking and paper-processing industry)
  • Exhaust power from 3 000 m3/h to 60 000 m3/h
  • Hose filter elements
  • Automatic filter medium regeneration
  • Minimum filter medium service life 15 000 hours
  • Filtration efficiency 99.99 % and higher
  • Explosive dust extraction

CUMA D-ST filter for central air extraction systems

CARM D-ST is a stationary exhaust pressure filtration device with automatic filter medium regeneration using vibrator during operation breaks. CUMA D-ST is specifically designed for extracting fibrous materials, wood waste, paper dust and other types of dusts, which are lightweight, breathable and tend to form deposits. The filter can be placed inside the production area, where filtered air will remain. When the filter is placed outside the production area, it can be set to SUMMER or WINTER mode. Winter mode returns the filtered air back to the production area and summer mode blows the filtered air outside.

Filter medium

CUMA D-ST filtration device uses smooth filter hoses from microporous antistatic nonwoven fabric. The filter hoses have a large diameter to prevent them from clogging with the filtered material.

Filter medium service life

We design our CUMA D-ST units with guaranteed filter medium service life of 15 000 hours.

CUMA D-ST Filter

Most common applications

CUMA D-ST is designed for small-scale woodworking, recycling plants, polyamide fiber extraction and paper dust extraction. The device is usually paired with a briquetting press machine, which makes for efficient waste management.

CUMA D-ST power series

CARM V filters are designed in modular series, which enables them to produce exhaust power from 3 000 m3/h up to 60 000 m3/h. The filtration unit’s power is determined by the number and power of prepended transport fans. The exhaust power of each fan can be regulated using frequency converter, depending on the actively equipped production technology.

Dust collection

The CUMA D-ST filtration unit is used for extracting large volumes of sawdust and dust, which is why it is equipped with 400-liter fabric bags, containers and briquetting press machines. Pneumatic sawdust transportation into a silo is possible.

Explosive dust extraction

CUMA D-ST units for extracting explosive dust are equipped with antistatic filter medium and measures for relieving explosions or certified rotary feeders. Each explosive dust extraction unit has a different size of the relieving area, depending on the fire properties of extracted dust.

CUMA D-ST design

We need to know the specific application, extracted air volume and other parameters such as spatial layout options, waste management possibilities, noise requirements etc. for designing your solution.

We will gladly help with your design – call us or write to us.