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Arch-bishop forests and farmhouses

Olomouc / Czech Republic

Třinecké železárny

Extraction (Exhaust System of the New Sawmill)

In the area of the wood-working operations, joiner’s shops and sawmills, CIPRES has been a very well experienced company for many years, having countless working references. Together with fair attitude, discipline and morality, it was the reason why we were contacted by “Arcibiskupské lesy a statky Olomouc s.r.o.” (arch-bishop forests and farmhouses) with their project of the newly built sawmill operation.

Our extraction systems thus became part of the supplies of technological units, e.g. the project of construction of the brand-new sawmill facilities – “on a green meadow” near Vápenná village in the Jeseníky mountains.

There is the proposal of the extraction equipment of the type CARM GH ZLD with the extraction power Q = 40,000 m3/h to be used for extraction system of stem saws and ripping saws + the brush machine. Filtration equipment of this type uses the system of automatic regeneration of the filtration medium using the compressed air pulses; for the purpose of separation of large parts of the material extracted, there are the separation chambers designed to be at its entrance.

Pieces of dust (dust spears) are distributed back to the hall onto the conveyor belt using the pair of worn conveyors. The filtration unit exhaust may be operated in two modes – with “recuperation” – by returning the filtered clean air back to the hall, or by blowing to the outdoor environment during the summer period.

With this technology, the exhaust fan has been installed inside the production hall (sawmill) as required by the customer, resulting in reduction of noise for the surrounding environment.

The control system is fitted with the frequency convertor, which brings significant savings in operating costs (kW) and also allows for operating the technology with power margin at lower level of noise.

Due to the nature of the material extracted – dust with an explosion potential -, the whole technology has been designed according to the ATEX standard (extraction of explosion dust). Explosion membranes are positioned on the filtration unit in such the manner that it is not necessary to define the safety area around the filter – they are directed upwards. The reverse safety valve B-flap, antistatic filtration medium, adding the safety electrical connections and the electronic check of the filter condition are our standard for this type of technology (pursuant to ATEX).

Here in the photographs, you can also notice the walking and service platforms for access to important sites of the technology, checking holes and also several elements of preparation for any requirements for future replenishment (supporting frame of the damping chamber under the fan, prepared elements for future handling with the technology, moving mechanism of dust pieces extraction, free entrances, etc.).


Ing. Tomáš Zlámal