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Spatial Extraction System of the Welding Hall

The client deals with the welding works on the large-scale metal-sheet moulded segments. Although the production hall was fitted with the industrial filtration system,

  • filtration units were not suitable (cartridge elements => frequent clogging);
  • small stationary filtration systems were inappropriate both in terms of location and containment – sucking of smoke and fumes;
  • central filtration was undersized in terms of power

The company Cipres developed the project for new industrial extraction system based on the system of under-ceiling – space exhaust (extraction). The newly installed filtration units helped to extract the smoke and fumes after welding with the power of Q=270,000 m3/h.

The radial fans are located on the ground in separate noise-absorbing chambers. The clean and filtered air may be put back to the work environment or outside the building. The ration shall be based on momentary and necessary setting.

Part of the air shall be diverted via the recuperation unit. Dust mass shall be led via the rotary feeder to the pneumatic transport system for waste materials which are collected to the BigBag. The drive unit for the pneumatic transport system is the small portable fan.

Addition of a calcic sorbent to the contaminated side of the air-line adjusts the physical properties of dust, reduces the sulphur oxides contents and improves the capacity of regeneration.

The residual drifts in the values of  0.1 – 0.5 mg/Nm3 range far below the required values. The service life-time of the filtration medium at the level of 20,000 operating hours exceeds the normal guarantee values.

Operation is carried out in the mode of 24/7; the delivery was made on turnkey basis.


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