CARM GH filter

  • Mainly for central air extraction systems in grinding shops, welding shops, foundries, automotive applications and coal and coke applications.
  • Exhaust power from 1000 m3/h to several hundred thousand m3/h
  • Bag filter elements
  • Automatic filter medium regeneration
  • Minimum filter medium service life 20 000 hours
  • Filtration efficiency 99.99 % and higher
  • Smart controls system
  • Explosive dust extraction

Exhaust filter CARM GH

CARM GH is a stationary filtration device with automatic filter medium regeneration using compressed air counter-flow, mainly used for central air extraction systems.

Filter medium

CARM GH filtration device is equipped with smooth filter bags made of microporous nonwoven fabric. The absence of dust deposits is a big advantage of smooth filter hoses.

Filter service life

We design our CARM GH units with guaranteed filter medium service life of 20 000 hours without the need for manual cleaning.


The most common applications

CARM GH filtration device is made with various filter area dimensions, depending on the type of filtered dust. CARM GH filters are successfully utilized across the whole spectrum of industrial operations, including the heaviest metallurgical industries such as grinding shops, welding shops, foundries, automotive, and coal and coke industry.

CARM GH power series for central air extraction systems

CARM GH filters are designed in modular series, which enables them to produce exhaust power from 1000 m3/h up to several hundred thousand m3/h. We custom-design the size of each filter unit to fit the specific application and to guarantee purity of filtered air, operational stability and filter medium service life.

Collection of dust particles

Smaller filtration units have containers with capacity of 30 or 50 liters, bigger units have containers with bottom discharge with capacity of 150-300 liters and the biggest units have BIG BAGS or containers.

Explosive dust extraction

CARM GH units for extracting explosive dust are equipped with antistatic filter medium and measures for reducing explosions or certified rotary feeders. Each explosive dust extraction unit has a different size of the relieving area, depending on the fire properties of the extracted dust.

Designing CARM GH filtration device

For your design, we need to know the specific application, extracted air volume and other parameters such as spatial layout options, waste management possibilities, noise requirements etc. The most common application of CARM GH is in welding shops, grinding shops, foundries, automotive plants and coal industry.

We will gladly help with your design – contact us.