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Woodworking industry

Sawdust extraction of sawmill machinery

Why extract sawdust and dust?

Before a wood product is finished, it undergoes several technological processes which transform raw wood into specifically shaped final product with specific characteristics.

Each woodworking step produces sawdust (often exceeding 50 % of raw wood volume) and dust, which tend to accumulate, spread and settle near the processing machine.

High concentrations of sawdust and fine wood dust can pose undesirable fire and explosion hazards. Our recommended CARM GH-ZLD or CARM D-ST filtration devices are designed to extract sawdust and dust directly at their source, while preventing them from spreading to and accumulating in the workspace. Sawdust extraction and management using air extraction and filtration devices makes waste treatment easier.

Saw mills and frame saws air extraction

This is a very specific application, where high volumes of big and moist sawdust particles need to be extracted. The operation of filtration devices in these applications can pose certain complications, because filter medium soaked with water can freeze during winter, which significantly reduces filtration device efficiency. Even today, the most suitable solution for these applications is using cyclonic separators. Exhaust air from the cyclonic separator is returned to the sawmill via filtration sleeves. This solution is highly reliable and provides stable continuous extraction.

It is possible to include a briquetting press for these applications, which produces sawdust briquettes suitable for heating. It is possible to add exhaust power regulators to the existing exhaust power control system, in relation to actively used machinery, while saving energy costs. Exhaust power regulators operate with frequency convertor and automatic flaps.

Central air extraction

Central air extraction is used in woodworking plants with several workplaces operating simultaneously. The woodworking machines are then grouped, based on required exhaust power, and connected to the central air extraction and filtration system. Each woodworking machine has different requirements for extracted air volume, exhaust power in the socket and for negative pressure. The dimensions of air ducts, filtration device (recommended CARM GH-ZLD and CUMA D-ST) and fans always depend on the requirements of the specific woodworking application.

Filtration device and filtered air management

For the most demanding applications, we use CARM GH ZLD filtration device with automatic filter medium regeneration using compressed air counterflow. For smaller applications, we use CUMA D-ST filtration device with vibrational filter medium regeneration. Filtration device separates sawdust and dust particles from the extracted air. During summer, the filtered air is conveyed outside, but during winter, filtered air is returned to the workplace to save on heating costs. The summer/winter mode is regulated through electronically controlled dampers.

Smart exhaust power controls

Our air extraction systems with smart exhaust power controls are increasingly in high demand. Filtration device with frequency converter, automatic flaps, controller and sensors regulates exhaust power in relation to the production technology operation. The filtration system starts and shuts down automatically. Using smart controls helps to cut down electricity costs for our clients.

Waste management options

Sawdust from CARM GH-ZLD or CUMA D-ST is conveyed through hoppers and screw conveyors for further processing. The most common sawdust processing is briquetting, incineration and transportation to silos or containers. Our applications include important realizations with every aforementioned type of waste management. The choice of sawdust management is always discussed with client and each solution is custom-made for every unique woodworking plant.

Filter medium replacement cost

We design and deliver our solutions for our clients with minimum filtration device maintenance cost in mind. Our devices are equipped with smooth filtration sleeves made of microporous filtration fabric. Filtration sleeves won’t create deposits, don’t tear and have high mechanical resistance. For welding shops applications, we guarantee filter medium service life of at least 20 000 hours.

Why work with us

We design and install all solutions ourselves and with our own products. We are 100 % liable for our finished solutions. We strive for high-quality, energy-saving air extraction solutions. We focus on low operating costs and long operating life of filter medium.

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