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Kimberly-Clark, Ltd.

Jaroměř / Czech Republic


Diaper production air extraction

Our company cooperates with Kimberly-Clark, Ltd. in the field of industrial air filtration and extraction. Our technology is installed at production lines with continuous production rates.

Almost all of our product spectrum was used for air extraction at the production lines.

We installed CARM GH-ZLD filters for centralizing separated dust from other filtration devices, cyclone separators for pre-separating dust particles before they reach the filters, rotary separators for separation of unsatisfactory diapers, transport fans, and other accessories for pipelines assembly and installation.

Kimberly-Clark places high emphasis on reliability of the installed technology.


Interesting facts:

  • We have worked for 6 690 hours when assembling the solution for Kimberly-Clark in 2016.
  • We have installed more than one kilometer of pipelines for Kimberly.
  • Total filter area of CARM GH-ZLD is over 900 m2.
  • During peak hours, up to 1 000 diapers per minute go through our rotary separators.
  • When delivering materials, our cars travelled for over 5100 km and our assembly technicians for over 13 000 km.
  • There are 42 transport fans installed with total power consumption of 924 kW.